450 County Line Road, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone Number: 631-565-6500
Grades: 1-3

Principal: Mr. Vincent Todisco

Assistant Principal: TBD





Current News

Northwest Third-Graders Move Up to PAMES


More than 230 students at Northwest Elementary made the official transition from third grade to fourth grade at a new school when they walked in their moving-up ceremony on June 24.

Held in the high school auditorium, the students filed into their seats to “Pomp and Circumstance” and took part in a class-wide singing of “We Are The World,” led by music teacher Roxanne Tannenbaum.

Each student was called up to receive their certificate of completion. Principal Vincent Todisco emceed the event and delivered closing remarks, congratulating all the youngsters on this important milestone. The students will be attending Park Avenue in the fall.

The students sang “What a Wonderful World” to close out the ceremony.

A Delicious Lesson in Plant Life

Earlier this year, students from Northwest planted lettuce and carrots in the courtyard garden with help from Pastor Jeff from Calvary Chapel of Hope in Amityville. 

Last week, Pastor Jeff and Northwest social worker Debra Lee assisted the students with harvesting the lettuce. The students were able to see the life cycle of plants and enjoyed preparing and eating their salad, which included lettuce, strawberries, apples and Italian dressing. 

Northwest Principal Vincent Todisco expressed his pride in the garden, as it has beautified the courtyard. He also took time to thank the Amityville Parent Teacher Council for making a generous monetary donation to the Northwest Garden Committee and Pastor Jeff for all of his hard work and collaboration with the school.

Stars And Sun Shine On Pride Day


On the evening of June 8, the sun was shining and so was the school spirit of the Amityville community as the high school hosted its annual district-wide Pride Day.

The celebration kicked off with a performance from the high school jazz ensemble, under the direction of Jason O'Connor, as students and their families enjoyed a variety of complimentary food and beverages. Fourth-grade teacher and returning Master of Ceremonies Marc Engler provided a few opening remarks to welcome a field full of students, family, friends, faculty, staff and administration.

Students from Northeast led guests in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. They also performed songs of celebration to set the upbeat tone for the remainder of the evening during which students were recognized as Star Awards recipients, commending their achievements in music, art and academics. Celebrating music and dance, the high school step team made a surprise appearance and showcased their various dance moves.

The gathering continued with performances by Park Avenue Elementary, Edmund W. Miles Middle School, the high school choruses, as well as a Disney song medley performance by Northwest students, directed by Roxanne Tannenbaum. Concluding the event, Dr. Kelly thanked all in attendance and the jazz ensemble played their final song.

Hatching a Love of Science at Northwest

Second-grade students at Northwest received a hands-on lesson in biology this spring when they watched fertilized chicken eggs develop into full-grown baby chicks.

In teacher Franca Adams’s class, students learned about the 21-week process with the help of a video program on an educational website. Each week, the students learned which stage of development the baby chicks were experiencing, all while watching that development unfold with the use of a special light that shined through the eggs while they stayed warm in the incubator.

On June 2, one of the dozen or so developing chicks in Ms. Adams’s class hatched, using its egg tooth, a knob of bone set on top of all baby chicks’ little beaks. The students got to learn about biology and cuddle up to friendly pets at the same time.

Third-Graders Write to Peers Across America

Students in Kelli Geilman’s third-grade class at Northwest recently wrote letters to students they’ve never met in states across the country as part of a unique letter-writing chain.

Dubbed “The Great Mail Race,” the Northwest students received a letter from a student in California with a questionnaire enclosed, urging them to pass along a similar letter to a random elementary school in the U.S.  Ms. Geilman’s class decided to participate.

The third-graders began by filling out the questionnaire, writing a friendly letter and then researching two states to narrow down their search. Once the states were chosen, the students researched a town within that state and an elementary school within that town to address their letter. The letter also contained a questionnaire and instructions, so the selected elementary schools could continue the race.

The exercise encouraged students to develop skills in geography, research and writing as they compiled all the information needed to go into the letters.
Thursday, July 02, 2015