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Phone Number: 631-565-6100
Grades: 10-12

Acting Principal: Dr. Lois Etzel
Assistant Principal: Ms. Donna De Freitas
Dean of Students: Mr. John Cardone
Hours: 7:40 a.m. - 2:26 p.m.








Current News

Seniors bond during Awareness Weekend


Approximately 130 seniors and staff members at Amityville Memorial High School continued a long-standing tradition by trading their beds for sleeping bags and staying overnight at the school. The annual Awareness Weekend was held from Nov. 18-19, which featured guest speakers and bonding activities.

The students spent 30 consecutive hours at the school from afterschool Friday through Saturday night, sleeping in classrooms. They were divided into 13 “family groups,” with each consisting of an adult facilitator, a student facilitator and about a half-dozen seniors. In those groups, they participated in role playing activities, communication exercises and games, and had follow-up discussions after the speakers.

“It’s probably the most vital part of the weekend,” said Jason McGowan, a special education teacher and coordinator of Awareness Weekend, of the groups. “That’s where most of the bonding goes on.”

The purpose of the weekend is to get students out of their comfort zones and interact with students who might not be part of their social circle. This year’s theme was “Knock Down Walls and Build Bridges.”

The keynote speaker was Victoria Ruvolo, a Long Island woman who was hit in the face with a frozen turkey after it was thrown at her car and who speaks about forgiveness. There was also a student panel during which members of the senior class discussed ways they overcame adversity.

On Saturday morning, students enjoyed a wonderful breakfast provided by the Amityville Parent-Teacher Council and Kiwanis Club, and then listened to guest speaker Erin O’Bannon, who delivered an inspiring message about her physical disability and how she dealt with being different.

Students and adults ended the emotional weekend hugging and saying goodbye as “Lean on Me” played in the background. All participants will write a reaction paper sharing their thoughts and feelings about the event.

“I loved Awareness Weekend and I will remember this program for the rest of my life,” said senior leader Eshti Sookram. “I wish we could have stayed another night. I didn’t want it to end.”

Veterans Share Stories With High School Students

Veterans shared their military experiences and life lessons with students at Amityville Memorial High School on Nov. 15 during the second annual Veteran’s Appreciation Day.

Throughout the day, the more than dozen veterans in attendance visited social studies classrooms talked about their service. The guests covered all branches of the military as well as different periods, from World War II to the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions.

“I think it’s important that they know the histories of the people who came before them and the sacrifices that people have made,” said Amityville resident Anthony Abate, who served during the Persian Gulf War.

The veterans shared stories of the hero’s welcomes they received upon returning from service and talked about their post-military careers. They also gave advice to students who may be considering joining the Armed Forces after high school.

Dawn Mizrachi, chairwoman of the social studies department, said that the purpose of the event was to give the students an appreciation for veterans and the sacrifices they have made, and emphasize the importance of service, whether to one’s country or community.

Amityville seniors bond on Awareness Day


The senior class at Amityville Memorial High School recently attended the annual Senior Awareness Day trip held at Amityville Beach. Special education teacher and WAC PAC coordinator Jason McGowan organized the event.

The students started out in the cafeteria where they had breakfast before walking out to the football field for large group activities and a family group. They then got on the bus to the beach and continued with the day’s activities. The seniors enjoyed beautiful weather as they participated in ice-breaking activities. Following lunch, students had the opportunity to play basketball, Kan Jam, softball, soccer and other activities with teachers. The day concluded with group competitions including a mummy wrap and tug-of-war.

“I really had a great time,” said senior Brandon Gilpin. “The activities were fun. I bonded with my classmates and had a chance to hang out with a few of my teachers which was cool.”

“I loved senior awareness day,” added senior Eshti Sookram. “I had the chance to hang out with my friends and plus I got to know a few seniors in my family group that I didn’t know too well before today.”

Amityville Students Study the Election

Students throughout the Amityville Union Free School District were actively engaged in this year’s presidential election.

At Edmund W. Miles Middle School, students in the pre-Advanced Placement Human Geography course recently took part in mock debates. They were divided into teams representing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and spent two weeks researching the candidates’ positions on several topics, including women’s issues, economy and trade, immigration, foreign policy, terrorism and the environment. The students then presented their arguments at a pair of debates on Oct. 26 and 27 in the library.

Each debate included opening and closing statements, questions from the moderators and opportunities for rebuttal. Students were judged by a panel of teachers and administrators and critiqued on their strength of their arguments.

Social studies chairwoman Jaclyn O’Hagan and teacher Jack Zider, who served as the moderators, said the purpose of the assignment was to teach students about the importance of backing up their opinions with facts and evidence while enhancing their communication skills. The teachers were impressed with the passion and enthusiasm shown by the students as they presented their cases.

A mock election was held at the school on Nov. 7, with students choosing between the two candidates during their lunch periods.

At Amityville Memorial High School, students from the Advanced Placement government classes became experts in Republican and Democratic ideals. They were each assigned a candidate and researched that person’s stance on various issues such as foreign policy, immigration, health care and economics. The students then split into pairs and visited social studies classes throughout the day on Nov. 4.

Each debate featured opening statements as well as questions from teachers and students, often leading to spirited back-and-forth dialogue. The debaters identified themselves only as Candidate A and Candidate B, so students would cast their votes in a mock election on Nov. 7 solely based on the candidates’ ideals.

Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School also hosted a mock election. The teachers taught their students about the electoral process and how to respectfully disagree with one another. At all three schools, it was a landslide victory for Clinton.

Monday, December 05, 2016