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 Below please find presentations from the monthly Board of Education meetings.

May 2022

AIS/RTI Committee 2021-2022


April 2022

Budget Workshop #4

Draft Superintendent Public Budget 2022


March 2022 

Proposed Energy Performance Contract

Professional Development Course Offering Recommendation Report

Budget Workshop #3


February 2022

Budget Workshop #2

Social/Emotional Learning: Curriculum Advisory Council

Budget Workshop #1

Capital Projects - January 2022


May 2021

Bond Update

Budget Hearing Presentation


April 2021

Budget Workshop #6

Capital Projects - March 2021

Budget Development Presentation

Budget Workshop #5

Budget Workshop Supplemental Presentation


March 2021

Capital Projects – February 2021

McKinney-Vento Afterschool Program

Budget Workshop Non-Personnel Requests

Budget Workshop #5 Summary

Budget Workshop #4

Budget Workshop #3

2016 Cohort Data


February 2021

Capital Projects Update January 2021

Budget Workshop #2

AMHS Credit Recovery Program


January 2021

Full-Day Pre-K Program

AMHS New Courses

Capital Projects Update December 2020


November 2020

Capital Projects Update October 2020


October 2020

Capital Projects Update September 2020


August 2020

Capital Projects Update July 2020

2020-2021 District Reopening Plan

Amityville_Distance Learning and Reopening Survey_Presentation


June 2020

Capital Projects Update May 2020

CAC Recommendations 2019-2020


May 2020

Budget Hearing May 27, 2020

Budget Hearing and Adoption May 21, 2020

Budget Workshop Number 6 May 13, 2020

Capital Projects Update April 2020


April 2020

Budget Workshop 5 April 7, 2020

Capital Projects Update


March 2020

Budget Workshop Number 4 March 11, 2020

Budget Workshop Number 3 March 4, 2020

Historical Black Colleges and Universities Tour

2019-2020 Accountability Status AUFSD


February 2020

First Budget Workshop February 5, 2020

Second Budget Workshop February 12, 2020

January 2020 Capital Projects Update

2015 Cohort Data Presentation

EWMMS Black History Month Presentation

January 2020

December 2019 Capital Projects Update

Junior Achievement Presentation

High School New Courses 2020-2021 Presentation


December 2019

November 2019 Capital Projects Update


November 2019

October 2019 Capital Projects Update

Skin In The Game


October 2019

September 2019 Capital Projects Update

Strategic Plan Update: Physical Education, Health and Athletics

Strategic Plan Update: ENL and World Languages

Strategic Plan Update: Music and Art

Strategic Plan Update: Pupil Personnel Services


September 2019

Strategic Plan Update: Amityville Memorial High School

Strategic Plan Update: Edmund W. Miles Middle School

Strategic Plan Update: Park Avenue School

Strategic Plan Update: Northwest Elementary School

Strategic Plan Update: Northeast Elementary School

Diversity and Inclusiveness Advisory Council

August 2019

Curriculum Advisory Committee Report

DCIP and SCEP Designation Plans

Demographic and Enrollment Study

Park East Construction Update

June 2019

May 2019 Capital Projects Update


May 2019

Budget Workshop

Block Scheduling

April 2019 Capital Projects Update


April 2019

Secondary Block Scheduling Exploratory Committee

TEACCH Temple Grandin’s The Way I See It

Smart Schools Bond Project #2

Park East Construction Update

Budget Workshop #6

February 2019

2018 Graduation Cohort Data

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Park East Construction Update

December 2018

Senior Experience Course

Proposed HS Electives for 2019- 2020

October 2018

Administrators' Strategic Plan Update

Capital Projects Update

ELA and Math 3-8 Testing

Instructional Technology Plan

September 2018

2018-19 Professional Development Plan

Principals’ Strategic Plan Update

2018-19 Tax Levy

August 2018

Bond Update

April 2018

Budget Presentation #6

Bond Update

Budget Presentation #5


March 2018

Budget Presentations #3 and #4

Security Update

Smart Schools Investment Plan  (presentation)

Smart Schools Investment Plan #1 Proposal

Bond Update


February 2018

Bond Update

Budget Presentation #1

Budget Presentation #2


November 2017

Bond Update

Adult Education Survey Results


October 2017

Directors' Strategic Plan Updates


September 2017

Bond Update

Principals' Strategic Plan Updates


August 2017

Bond Update


April 2017

Bond Update

EWMMS Lego Robotics

Farmingdale STEM Diversity Summit Awards

Bilingual Programs in Our Schools


February 2017

February 8, 2017

Bond Update

EWMMS Presentation

Budget Workshop #2

Work Experience Program and Job Development


February 1, 2017

Fiscal Stress Presentation 

Budget Workshop #1


December 2016

Bond Update

2016 NYS Report Card

AMHS Course Catalogs 2017-2018 

November 2016

AMHS Building Addition Proposal

September 2016

Strategic Plan

Extended School Year Program

Summer Enrichment

District Testing Data 


August 2016

Bond Update 

Instructional Technology Plan Update


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