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Board of Education Work Session Meeting Notice – Feb. 1

Date Added: 1/30/2023


Message from the Superintendent of Schools Regarding Holocaust Remembrance Day

Date Added: 1/27/2023


Notice of February Board of Education Meetings

Date Added: 1/25/2023


Author encourages Park Avenue students to ‘speak up’ against bullying

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On Jan. 21, 18-year-old author Devin Moore visited students at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School in Amityville to share his new book, “Devin Speaks Up.”

“Devin Speaks Up” is a children’s antibullying book about Moore’s bullying experience. Through speaking up about the bullying, Moore later founded Race To Speak Up, an antibullying organization that works to educate youth about bullying prevention, how to be upstanders and the importance of mental health.

Park Avenue students gathered in the school’s auditorium where Moore shared his personal experience of being bullied and how he dealt with pain and sadness. All of the students received a copy of Moore’s book, which were donated by Optimum/Altice USA. Moore conducted a readalong with students as they discussed the importance of being comfortable in their own skin, speaking up a trusted person about being bullied, the importance of kindness, and he encouraged kids to be upstanders for each other.

“Even though we all look different and act different, we’re all beautiful and we can unite through our differences,” Moore said. “We need to embrace each other’s differences in a world that includes all kinds of people from all walks of life.”

Date Added: 1/24/2023

Message re: School Improvement Grant Funds

Unfortunately, the district lost the opportunity to obtain the School Improvement Grant for school year 2021-22 in the amount of $425,000. We have been attempting to appeal this decision and recover this money.

The District worked closely with BOCES, the State Education Department, the Board of Regents and our elected officials. With the help of the State Education Department, we have been able to cover the expenses with monies remaining from other grants.

Date Added: 1/19/2023

Tuesday, January 31, 2023